B-L Primary School Students Grow Behavioral Skills Through “Panther Promises”

A new positive behavior system called Panther Promises is helping students at B-L Primary School foster goal-setting behaviors, self reflection and responsibility within themselves.  The Panther Promises system, which started back in August, helps the school’s staff to be proactive in encouraging good behavior and allows students to track their own progress and work towards reaching different leadership levels by focusing on six core behaviors:  1 - Make Smart Choices; 2 - Think, Plan and Don’t Give Up; 3 - Respect and Prioritize; 4 - Be Nice To Be Happy; 5 - Be Sensitive and Patient; 6 - Cooperate With Kindness.

These six Panther Promises are displayed in classrooms and hallways throughout the school and each week, teachers and students focus on one of the core concepts.  Teachers talk to students about attitudes, words and actions that correspond with the Panther Promise of the week and access outside resources such as read alouds and YouTube videos to reinforce the good behaviors that are being highlighted.

Each day, students start with their clip at Level Five, which is the highest level on the Cub Count Clip Chart.  Throughout the day, if students demonstrate behavior contrary to the Panther Promise of the week, they risk being moved down a level on the chart, resulting in lost points.  Ultimately, the goal is for every student to maintain five points each day, for a total of 25 points each week. Students in grades K5 through second grade track their daily progress and points in their Data Notebooks, thus making them accountable for their actions.  Every couple of months, the school hosts Cub Ceremonies where students earn rewards such as special bracelets and stickers for maintaining model behavior.

“It is our hope that the new Panther Promises system at B-L Primary School provides all of our students with the fundamental skills that are needed to grow socially, emotionally, behaviorally and academically.  By providing positive reinforcement to our district’s youngest learners, we are setting them up for success not only in their educational careers, but in life as well,” said Dawn Harden, Principal of B-L Primary School.

Administrators say the Panther Promises system has become a hallmark of the school, giving teachers and students a consistent framework for behavioral success.