Back To School Reminders

Parents and guardians of Lexington Three students --- Here are a few important reminders as we inch closer and closer to the start of the new school year.
1. Our online registration period has ended. If you still need to register your child for the new school year, please contact your child's school as soon as possible. Remember that ALL students, regardless of whether they are going to be using our in-person, hybrid or virtual models, MUST REGISTER with us.
2. If you did not pay fees for your returning student at the completion of your online registration forms, please plan to pay them in-person August 24th through 26th at your child's school. Please call to schedule an appointment.
3. In an effort to limit the number of people who visit our health rooms this school year and to minimize possible exposure to the COVID-19 virus, Lexington Three's school nurses are encouraging parents to administer their child's medication at home, if at all possible. However, if your child's medication MUST be administered to him/her while at school, please visit the following link to download a Medication Administration Permission Form:
Then, please contact your child's school and set up an appointment to bring your completed Medication Administration Permission Form and child's medication to the school. Nurses will be available for appointments August 24th through 28th.
4. School supply lists for the new school year can be found here:
5. Bus route information for the new school year can be found here:
6. August 31st is the official FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL in Lexington Three. Please visit the following link to see the schedule for that week as we will be staggering student attendance in an effort to help everyone learn new procedures due to COVID-19.
7. All VIP (virtual) students will be required to attend a face-to-face orientation session. Please see the below schedule for more information.
B-L Primary, Elementary and Middle School VIP Students:
-Last names beginning with A through K attend on Wednesday, September 2nd from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm
-Last names beginning L through Z attend on Thursday, September 3rd from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm
B-L High School VIP Students:
All students attend on Wednesday, September 2nd from 8:30 am until they have completed their orientation process. Most BLHS students will be done in approximately an hour and a half. However, 9th graders will be required to complete state assessments and will be dismissed at 2:30 pm.