Important Weather Announcement for Monday, August 7th

The National Weather Service is forecasting that a line of severe thunderstorms will be passing through our area starting this afternoon. Part of this forecast includes damaging wind gusts in excess of 60 to 70 miles per hour. These conditions could affect the safe operation of school buses as the South Carolina Department of Education does not allow buses to operate when wind gusts are greater than 40 miles per hour.

As a result, Lexington Three will be dismissing all of its students one hour early today (Monday, August 7th). Dismissal times are listed below for each school:

B-L Primary School: Dismissal at 1:15 pm

B-L Elementary School: Dismissal at 1:30 pm

B-L Middle School: Dismissal at 2:00 pm

B-L High School: Dismissal at 2:10 pm

Parents of car rider students who are unable to pick up their child early today may still pick them up at the regular dismissal time. We will safely hold these affected students in our schools until a parent/guardian arrives to pick them up. Parents of bus riders should anticipate their students to arrive home one hour earlier than normal.

Please note that all afterschool activities are canceled today. This includes all practices, scrimmages and the Fall sports pictures that were scheduled.