Lexington Three Announces eLearning Day for Thursday, August 31st

Lexington County School District Three announces that Thursday, August 31st will be an eLearning Day for students and staff members across the district due to the potential for severe weather resulting from Hurricane Idalia. Initially, it was announced that Lexington Three would operate on a two-hour delay on Thursday, August 31st. However, after further consultation with emergency preparedness officials, district administrators are concerned about the distinct possibility of severely flooded roads and widespread power outages. Therefore, out of concern for the safety of our Panther students and staff, Lexington Three will have an eLearning Day.

What is an eLearning Day?

An eLearning Day in Lexington Three means that students do not physically come to school. Instead, they complete assignments remotely from the comfort and safety of their home. More detailed information can be found below. 

eLearning Details:

All students in grades K4 through 12th grade will have eLearning assignments to complete on Thursday, August 31st. 

Students in grades K4 through 2nd grade will have written assignments to complete that were sent home on Wednesday, August 30th. Students in the 3rd through 12th grades will have assignments to complete via Google Classroom (Chromebooks were sent home on Wednesday, August 30th). Unless otherwise indicated by the teacher, all assignments should be turned in by no later than Wednesday, September 6th. Please note that internet access is not a requirement for any of these assignments to be completed. Students who have assignments that need to be completed using a Chromebook will have them loaded on their Chromebook prior to leaving school on Wednesday, August 30th. If internet access is not available at home, the completed assignments should be left open on your child’s Chromebook as they will automatically sync and update once the Chromebook is back inside the confines of our district internet system. All students in grades 3rd through 12th should bring their Chromebook back to school on Friday, September 1st. Any student who has questions about an assignment can email his/her teacher. 

After School Events:

Lexington Three will monitor weather and facility/field conditions on Thursday, August 31st and will make a determination then regarding after school events including meetings, BOOST classes, and athletic practices/games. Stay tuned for that information to be forthcoming tomorrow.

Please note that our regular school schedules are planned to resume on Friday, September 1st. Should any changes occur, however, you will be notified via our regular communication system including phone, text, email, the Lex 3 website, the Lex 3 app and social media.