The Lexington Three Board of Trustees and district administration team are seeking your input as we explore the possibility of implementing a "modified" calendar.

Currently, Lexington Three has a traditional calendar. In both our current (“traditional”) and a “modified” calendar, students go to school 180 days a year. With both calendars, teachers also work 190 days a year. Traditional and modified calendars differ in when breaks occur.

In a traditional district calendar, students have a summer break lasting approximately ten weeks. In districts using a modified calendar, summer breaks are shorter as students and teachers have several breaks referred to as "intersessions" built into the fall and spring semesters.

While this post provides a very brief explanation of what a modified calendar is, we have created an entire page on the Lexington Three website that is dedicated to this subject. You can find this page by clicking here:

In addition to answers to frequently asked questions and a sample modified calendar that has been proposed for the 2022-2023 school year, you will also find a brief survey on this webpage that we respectfully invite you to take. In fact, we are seeking input from all of our stakeholders--staff, students, parents, guardians, business owners, local leaders, community members, etc.--in an effort to truly gauge how the Batesburg-Leesville community feels about this proposed calendar change. This form will close on February 25, 2022. Here is the direct link to the survey:

Thank you in advance for your participation. Should you have any questions, feel free to email either of the contacts listed below.

- Angie Rye, Chief Academic Officer -

- Mackenzie Taylor, Director of Public Information -

You can also contact the District Office at 803-532-4423 and request to speak with one of these individuals.